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A new set of electronic convertors in high and low voltage, specifically designed for indoor lightining. Available in both single and twin versions, with currents up to 180mA, they are compatible with the most famous dimming standards.
We also offer a wide range of prodcuts for lightining control, such as:
JUNIOR MANAGER, which has the double function to keep the light level constant and to detect the presence of people in the room, in order to minimize energy consumption.
SENIOR MANAGER, the fully developed version of Junior Manager: it keeps a constant light by surveying more areas at the same time, each one autonomously.

A new unit will be soon available; it will allow dimming through radio control.

A new set of high quality convertors for neon signs, designed to be installed with little signs, shop window signs, and so on.
This brench of products has been enriched with new models up to 180mA, in low and high voltage.
Many are the possibilities to customize them: with flash, with on-board dimmer, with remote dimmer (1-10 Vdc).
Available in the "CE" set, for European market (conforming to EN61347); without any official approval, for the extra-European market; conforming to UL2161 for Northern American market.

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